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Photographers record, adapt or appropriate their environment in different ways. Their own visual voice is developed over many journeys, some influenced by others, some making their own journey. Invariably, their eye is very different. In this gallery along with representative works of Richard Young and David Lewis-Baker we include some works by other photographers hosted at the site. We hope that you will engage, explore or purchase their work that share differences between their photographic eye.
Swingers Band, Bath, 2015In redRefinery, Algeciras, Spain (2016)Ardmore - Ardtalla, Islay (2016)Swingers Band, Bath, 2015Pablo Bronstein's Historical DancesIn redTate Modern (RY)20180517 _DSC4579A new begining, Hong Kong (2015) (RY)End of car, China (2016) (RY)20180323 _DSC3321Refinery, Algeciras, Spain (2016) (RY)Momento