This project combines an image taken daily during the covid-19 crisis - either at our home or during some personal activity locally, with a news headline from that same morning. There is discordancy and often paradox between the headline and the photograph.

The first few images show UK TV news running up to the crisis. Ingrid and I started self-isolation March 13. My first daily photograph is from Monday, March 16th when the UK imposed social distancing rules. Lockdown happened a week later.

Every morning I have scanned major newspaper and TV headlines, trying to choose those most representative and repeated across outlets. Headlines now tend to be more politicised and disparate than at the beginning.

The recurrent landscape photograph is a view from my studio, taken at roughly the same time each day (with my morning coffee) and with similar camera settings. Other images are from daily walks in the neighbourhood.

The light and weather also tell part of the story, as an exercise in rephotography reflecting the routine of home-lockdown.

The work creates both an historical record and a discordant series for future audiences to ponder.
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