The connection between men and nature has always been one of the most important question of landscape portrayal. I have always been trying to answer questions like how can one discover the elements in a constructed landscape, which can be a base for understanding themselves. To what extent can one alienate himself from nature? One’s introversion, autotelism and withdrawal is a pure example of how men get by the perspective of the irreplaceable and passing. During the long-term study of the photos the viewer is left alone and overcome by a feeling of being cut out from existence. The effect of the various shadows creates an incomprehensible and perplexed state, men can retreat from reality and find himself in a fabulous scenery, which questions the vision of natural spectacle. The light of the Moon indicates this, the light is the element amplifying the perception contrary to naturalism. In my diploma the man is not entirely displayed, but his presence can be experienced by the creation of his own scenery, but one is there only as a bystander. If the viewer can abstract himself from the setting of how the photo was taken and what emotions or thoughts led the maker of the photo, the viewer might become the maker of the photos, because then the viewer can find connections between himself and the scenery.
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